I am Dan the Aquaman. Since 2005, I have been helping Chicagoans grow their gardens green and healthy with innovative and efficient watering solutions. I specialize in the installation and maintenance of micro-irrigation systems in the City of Chicago. My systems are ideal for small urban landscapes including rooftop decks, patios and in-ground gardens — even window boxes and potted plants. My systems are also great for urban agriculture — on the backyard, commercial and community-garden scales.

I use existing plumbing fixtures and a range of materials well-suited to the urban environment, allowing for systems that are less expensive, faster to install and easier to maintain than conventional underground irrigation systems. My systems save water and money by targeting the specific areas of your landscaping that need water, resulting in reduced runoff and water loss due to evaporation. Best of all, the up front cost is just a fraction of what a conventional underground system would cost. I also provide a turn-on service in the spring and shut-down service in the fall.

I strive for efficiency for you, for your garden and for the earth. I’m always happy to give free estimates and consultations. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Call or e-mail for an estimate or more info:
Dan Abu-Absi

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